Experience Everett

Key List:
A: Antiques
B: Baby Items
C: Clothing
L: Collectibles
K: Kitchen Items
G: Garden/Patio
S: Sporting Goods
F: Furniture
T: Tools
Y: Toys/Games
J: Jewelry
O: Other/All
Additional Addresses: 

69. 32 Union Street   | Clothing, Houseware, Art, Electronics, Athletic Equipment | 
70. 781 Broadway   | Friday, May 19th - Haitian Arts Exposition at Shute Library - 10 AM - 5 PM |
71. 410 Broadway   | Saturday, May 20th - Haitian Arts Exposition at Parlin Library - 9 AM - 5 PM | 
72. 16 Cabot St. | Clothing, Misc. 

Community Resources:

The City of Everett strives to improve communication about special events. Below are some ways to benefit the residents of Everett and event organizers. Feel free to give us any feedback! 

Feedback Form: Tell us what you think about our events! We welcome all residents and participant feedback and utilize this information for future planning. 

Weekly-to-Monthly Updates: Sign up for email or subscription updates, which will include a brief description of special events in Everett, including any other announcements from Department of Public Works. 

Online Calendar: View our calendar on the City website about all events within the City. When possible, it will also include road closure detail and contact information for reaching out to specific individuals for an event. 

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