Kids' Program Class Descriptions

Arts & Crafts:
This class encourages children to draw, paint and craft projects. It develops artistic talents and self-expression. Classes will provide guidelines for kids to complete a particular art project, while incorporating their own ideas into their masterpieces.

Basketball Fundamentals:
Come and learn basketball fundamentals and basic skills. This is a instructional and interactive 50-minute class that will teach you proper techniques and skills through drills and games that will improve your child's performance quickly and effectively. 

A mini version of a BOKS program at the Everett Public Schools, this class is aimed to incorporate games in just 50-minutes! It will then end with a nutritional segment. 

Dance Cardio:
A 45-min high energy fitness and dance party packed with specifically choreographed kid-friendly routine increasing their focus, self-confidence, coordination and all while boosting their metabolism.

Family Fitness:
This is a fun-family 50-minute class incorporating a warm-up, stretches, fun physical games and challenges that will bring you all closer together. 

Flag Football:
This is a 45-minute organized game that will introduce young athletes to the game of football and develop their skills.

Hip-Hop Step (Step to This):
Let's get you moving to the latest hip-hop music! This is a 45-minute fun choreographed cardio step workout that will have you sweating and having fun!

Intro to Weightlifting:
A 50-minute class that will familiarize and teach your teen the effective ways of weightlifting. This class will implement correct movement patterns and techniques that will safely make them stronger, more dynamic and assist with sports performance. 

Jewelry Making:
This 1-hr class focuses on creating jewelry with bead work, as well as other materials and techniques. 

Jr. Hip Hop:
A class for ages 9 + where they will learn age appropriate ways to dance into pop and basic footwork. 

Junior Jumpers:
Looking for all the little aspiring gymnasts! This class will get your child stronger, improving balance, coordination by introducing them to the basic gymnastics fundamentals. From warm-ups, stretches, muscle strengthening and skill building basics. This class will be specifically tailored to each child's ability within the class. 

Learn, Play and Create:
This class is designed to help kids become thinkers, build confidence, learn fundamental skills and also interact in a fun and creative way! Children will paint, sing, creative collages, move and imagine in this unique creative space! 

Lil' Gym Mixer: 
A class where kids will get to enjoy interacting and moving in fun creative ways alongside their peers through traditional P.E games with a fun twist aimed at their age and fitness level. 

Little Ninja Warriors:
Calling all little ninjas! This class will get your child stronger, jump higher, improve balance and strength to accomplish the toughest of obstacles!

Mini Movers (with parent):

Parents and children together will focus on building fundamental motor skills by playing with basic gymnastics equipment. 

Ninja Warriors:
Are you the next ninja warrior? Learn how to defeat challenging obstacles, work on strength and accomplish dynamic feats!

Open Tumbling:
An introduction class to basic tumbling skills and techniques. They will increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, gain coordination and confidence. It covers forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridges and more. No previous experience required. 

Play of the Day: 
A class designed for ages 3 - 6, and will consist of a fun and interactive way to get your little ones moving and interacting with each other. 

Rise & Shine Arts and Crafts: 
This is open for 2-hour slots, where kids can join in at anytime to get creative. Each day will be a different project for the little ones to participate. No age limit. 

Sports (Mini) Mixer:
This 50-minute class each week will get those little muscles moving, stretching and playing. This class will increase coordination, listening skills, while getting introduced to soccer, baseball, hockey and so much more!

Sports Xtreme: 
A one-hour class consisting of different games, and focuses on building team work and encouraging kids to get active! Activities may include, but not limited to: dodgeball, waffle ball, kickball and all types of tag. 

Strength Camp:
This one-hour functional training class combines weightlifting training with an emphasis on coaching teens into strong and disciplined athletes. 

Teen Weight Training:
A 50-min class that will familiarize and teach your teen effective ways of weightlifting. It will focus on correct movement patterns, techniques and safety, while getting you stronger and more dynamic.