Inspectional Services


484 Broadway
Room 26
Everett, MA 02149



Link: Inspectional Services Department Page

Name Title Email Phone
DeBilio, Annette Administrative Assistant/Building/Licensing 617-944-0211
Desmond, Michael Assistant Building Inspector 617-394-2222
Pomer, John Plumbing and Gas Inspector 617-394-2223
Rauseo, Kim Adminstrative Assistant/Zoning Board of Appeals 617-381-7445
Soper, James CBO, Director of Inspectional Services 617-394-2224
Yebba, Linda Administrative Assistant/Code Enforcement 617-394-2249
Furtado, Martin Building Inspector 617-394-2265
Aliberti, Ed Weights and Measures 617-394-2429
Toppi, Mark Building Inspector 617-394-2422
Connors, Richard Wire Inspector 617-394-2219
Flagg, Laurie Clerk 617-394-2221
Medeiros, Marie Clerk 617-944-0235
McMillan, Richard Casino Plumbing Inspector  
Webber, Dan Casino Plumbing Inspector  
Bussell, Steve Casino Electrical Inspector  

Code Enforcement 

Everett, MA 02149

Name Title Email Phone
Nuzzo, Frank Director of Code Enforcement 617-394-2227
DeMato, John "Mickey" Code Enforcement Administrator 617-394-2283
Mastrocola, Michael Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2283
Staffieri, Louis Food Inspector 617-394-2338
Sikora, Peter Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2264
Gooding, Dennis Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2264
Johnson, Nicholas Code Enforcement Inspector 617-944-0214
Karpenko, Michael Code Enforcement Inspector 617-944-0220
Mayo, Mark Code Enforcement Inspector 617-944-0243
Sullivan , John Code Enforcement Inspector 617-944-0240


Everett, MA 02149

Link: Wire Division Page

Name Title Email Phone
Connors, Richard Electrical & Wire Inspector 617-394-2219
Moccia, Steve Electrician  
Steward, Bill Electrician  
Rocco, Robert Electrician  
Rosati, Tony Electrician Email