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Edith Bush - Dean
Dr. Richard J. Campana - Botanist & Plant Pathologist

Hermon MacNeil - Sculptor
Gertrude Nason - Artist
Dwight Shepler - Artist
Arminio "Art" Lozzi - Artist, Cartoonist, Architectural Interior Designer

Thomas DiBenedetto
- Boston International Group
Charles & Henrietta Shearer - Hotel Pioneers
George Mead - Pratt/Whitney Aircraft
Joe O'Donnell - Boston Concessions

Virginia Babikian - Opera Singer/Professor
Paul Barnes - Film Editor/Producer

Charles Bickford - Actor
Chick Corea - Musician
MacIntyre Dixon
Biff Elliot - Actor
Win Elliot - Broadcaster
Ted Goddard - Musician
Gustave Johnson
Jack Marino
Paul O'Keefe - Actor
Ray Pizzi - Musician
Ellen Pompeo - Actress
Paul L. Smith - Actor
Joe Val - Musician
Ranny Weeks

Thomas J. Boynton - Mayor, Attorney General
Walter Carrington - US Ambassador
Louis DeLuca - Minority Leader CT State Senate
Lee G. Johnson - Presiding Justice Malden Dist Court
George Keverian - Speaker of the House (MA)
Thomas C. Lancian - Chief Prosecutor (HICOG)
A. David Mazzone - US District Judge
George Smith - Senate President (MA)
Sumner G. Whittier - Lt. Governor

Loree Griffin Burns - Children's Author
Brendan Galvin - Poet
MaryAnn Cocca-Leffler - Children's Author

Marilyn Carrington - Patients' Rights Advocate
Dr. Benjamin Castleman - Castleman's Disease
Elizabeth Sterling Soule - Everett's 1st Visiting Nurse
George Wilding, MD - Cancer Researcher

Vice Admiral Thomas J. Bigley - US Navy
Col. Barbara Bishop - US Marines
Father Leo P. Craig, O.P.
Major General Robert Howard - US Army
General Andrew P. Iosue - US Air Force
Samuel Richardson Knox - US Navy
Charles E. Lofgren - Byrd's Antartic Expedition
Alexander Santilli - Silver Star
Henry Schrow - Perry's Expedition
Major General Frank A. Tobey - Chief of Chaplains
Joseph Werner - WWI Balloon Buster

Ray Hyman - Modern Skeptic

Vannevar Bush - Scientist

Rachel Eliz. Hosmer - Founder, Order of St. Helena
Nehemiah Polen - Rabbi, Author, Scholar
Rev. Alfred Sampson - Civil Rights Activist
Gerald Shaughnessey - Bishop

Pat Bradley - Basketball
Charlie Brickley - Football
George Brickley - Baseball
Matt Bullock - Coach
Pat Courtney - Baseball
John Dell Isola - Football
Maddy English - Baseball
Omar Easy - Football
Mario "Yo-Yo" Giannelli - Football
Hub Hart - Baseball
Pat Hughes - Football
John Kronus - Pro Wrestling
Richie LaMontagne - Boxing
Bobby Leo - Football
Allan McClay - Soccer

James L. McCusker - Swimming
Andrew "Swede" Oberlander - Football
Ross O'Hanley - Football
Paul Poehler - Bowling
Arthur Raimo - Coach
Dan Ross - Football


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